About Me

Hello and welcome to tobeamommy.com!

I am so excited to share my journey through motherhood with you! This blog is meant to be a personal chronicle of my experiences as well as helpful posts for mothers and mothers-to-be.

So let me first begin by giving you a little more background on me!

My name is Amanda and I live in Arvada, Colorado with my husband, Matt, and our kitty, Maverick. I am currently not pregnant, nor do I have any children. However, a little while ago, my husband and I made the conscious decision to get off birth control and begin building our little family. As I stated earlier, this blog is meant to be a way for me to share ALL of my experiences through motherhood, including our experience trying to conceive.

Outside of home, I work as a kitchen manager at an ice cream shop. My husband is an electrician’s apprentice. We both enjoy spending as much time as we can in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with hopes to move into the more rural parts of Colorado eventually.

I was born and raised right here in Arvada with my older sister, Lindsay, whom has 5 children of her own (all of which I love very dearly). In my spare time I enjoy leading an active lifestyle to include regular exercise, hiking, camping, and fishing (well my husband enjoys this one more than me…shhhh….). I’m also a self-taught artist and love to draw and paint whenever possible. I’ve dabbled in glass engraving and jewelry making as well. Cooking and baking are passions of mine too. In fact, I attended culinary school the last two years of my high school career (turns out I like it better as a hobby than as a career!).

Over the past few years since graduating high school, I’ve attempted a multitude of careers, ranging from being a cook in a five star restaurant to being a tattoo apprentice, to being a personal trainer. Although I love all of these things, I still have yet to find the career that I feel I really belong in, and that’s okay with me.

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with questions or comments! I’d love to get to know you better!