9.25.17 Baby Fever

baby fever newborn ttc trying to concieve 2ww 2 week wait fertility

Hey mommies and mommies-to-be! I hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend. I’ve had some ups and downs this past week. I hit the end of my fertile window and entered the 2 week wait before testing so lots of emotions going on over here!

It’s been super gloomy and cold all weekend here in Colorado so that may be affecting my mood, too, but I know hormones are at play here too. Literally the second my fertile window ended I wanted to start taking home pregnancy tests. I read an article that said home pregnancy tests (HPT) won’t even pick up that you’re pregnant until about 11 days after you ovulate! That’s so long!

Now, I’m known to be a worrier and a prepper, so I’ve been fighting the urge to go out and buy baby stuff with every ounce of my being. But in my mind, if I buy a little here, a little there, by the time baby is here, I’ll have virtually nothing left to buy! I talked with my sister about this plan and she cautioned me not to go ahead with that. Just a little background on my sister: she has 5 kids of her own. She said every time she’d start buying baby stuff preemptively, it would crush her any time she’d test negative. She said she felt like she was ready, but was only missing the actual baby. And since I have no idea when I’m going to conceive, it’s best to wait until we know Mother Nature’s plan is in motion.

All that being said, I did go to Target today and have a little mini meltdown in the baby section. I was all by myself, my husband has school Monday nights. My intention had been to browse and start getting an idea of what things cost. But I found this adorable tiny little blue blanket with the little bumps and an elephant on it. I was walking around with it because it was soft and I half wanted to buy it. Then I found this adorable little Halloween outfit. I just touched it and I was feeling the fabric, imagining dressing my little girl in it and the tears just started pouring out. Halloween is our FAVORITE holiday and I love bringing children trick-or-treating and telling ghost stories and carving pumpkins. I’ve wanted a little pumpkin of my own to do all these things with for so long. And I think it just hit me how badly I’m wanting that.

I know in my heart that I am meant to be a mother. I am meant to raise children and watch them grow, teach them wrong from right. I’m meant to protect them and teach them to be brave. I’m meant to laugh with them and allow them to blossom into the people they are going to be as adults. I love children so much. I’ve always been a bit jealous of my sister and all of her beautiful children she’s been blessed with, all of whom I love very dearly. I’m ready for my own family. It’s my turn to be Mamma and I can’t wait!

Anyways, my question for you ladies this week is what did/do you do to make the 2 week wait not feel so horribly long? How do you get your mind off of babies enough to make it through?

Talk to you next Monday, Mammas!

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I was a compulsive tester when we were trying to get pregnant, so I NEVER made it through the 2 week wait without testing. And testing a lot. Best purchase I ever made was a big bag of Wondfo-style pregnancy tests for cheap from Amazon, hahaha. Thinking good thoughts for you!

I’m so happy for you mama, babies are really blessings in life and they make our life more fruitful. Let few days pass, you will for sure get to know. I do understand the curiosity but as said wait a little for the fruitful result. All the best.

Good luck and fingers crossed that the test will be postive for you! I went through this for a long time and the one month where we stopped trying, I ended up pregnant. Sending lots of baby vibes to you!


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