9.18.2017 Too Much Pressure!

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Good afternoon, mommies and mommies-to-be! This past week has been a little uneventful for me, however I DID learn a lot about myself and my relationship.

Just last Monday I began tracking my menstrual cycle using 3 different apps (part of my research for a future post!). Holy crap it’s so eye opening! I’ve never tracked my cycle in the past mostly because I never cared when I was fertile or not and my cycle is SUPER regular, so I always know when to expect Aunt Flo.

But since Matt and I have decided to try for our first little one, I figured I may as well start tracking to see when’s the best time to get our love making on!

What I didn’t expect was to learn so much about my body and my mental health in the process! The female body is truly an amazing thing, Ladies! I’ve been very diligent to log every day how I’m feeling and any moods I’m experiencing. I’m already noticing trends. I can’t wait to see a few months down the road what types of trends I notice!

The best part of this is that I am in my fertile period this week. Which is great because I feel sexy and confident and super frisky (Hubby loves this week too!). The only problem I’ve run into is that since I know I am super fertile this week I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get it on every day. And with how much we both work, that’s proving to be a very difficult and stressful task. It’s also making one of my favorite things feel like a chore (which totally takes me out if the mood).

Saturday night, Matt could tell I was just not really into it so he stopped and asked if I was ok. And I broke down because I usually have (what I think at least) a very high libido and I REALLY enjoy sex. And I just couldn’t get my head there. All I kept thinking was we have to have sex, I have to get him off, baby, baby, BABY!!! And it totally killed it!

So I explained all this to him and he was SO understanding. He told me he doesn’t want me to feel pressured like I HAVE to perform. He told me he wants it to just come natural. He’s loving all of this adventure we are taking together and he loves the idea of growing our family, but he is in no rush. He reminded me that when it is meant to happen it WILL happen. All we can do is try to time it the best we can to increase our odds.

Ladies, I gotta say, I picked a good one. He’s been so in board with everything. He asks me every day what our chances of conception are that day, he’s been thinking of baby names, he’s told all his friends that we are trying to have our first baby, and he’s been just so unbelievably patient with all my moods.

So what I’ve learned from this past week is to just relax and enjoy this crazy ride that is life. Yes I am eager to have a child, but I know once I do there will be times I miss it just being my husband and I. So I’ve decided to take each day one day at a time and focus on building my relationship stringer than ever before. So when we do bring our little one into this world, they are born into a life of love and gratitude.

My question for you all this week is what we’re some lessons you learned while you were trying to conceive?

Have a wonderful week, Mommas!!

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