4 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Toddlers

4 ways to celebrate halloween with toddlers

First and foremost I would like to say HAPPY OCTOBER to you, Momma (or momma-to-be). October is my absolute FAVORITE month of the year! The leaves are changing, it’s finally cooling down, sweaters, horror movies, and halloweenHALLOWEEN. I’ve always been a huge fan of the macabre holiday. I love dressing in costumes and going around to haunted houses. I’ve even got some spooky tattoos to commemorate my love for All Hallows Eve from a jack-o-lantern on my hand to a full blown Edgar Alan Poe piece covering my thigh.

4 ways to celebrate halloween with toddlers

Although adults may love the thrilling nature of the holiday, it can be a little too spooky for little ones. That’s why I’ve comprised a list of 4 fun and creative ways to celebrate Halloween with the little ones!

4 ways to celebrate halloween with toddlers

Finger Paint Jack-O-Lanterns

Materials needed:

  • Pumpkins (preferably small so they can hold them in their tiny hands)
  • Finger Paints (washable, non-toxic)
  • Newspaper
  • Wash Cloth

This particular activity is especially good for the little ones. Traditional Jack-o-lantern carving is dangerous for small children as it has to do with a lot of sharp objects. Finger painting makes it easy for them to join in on the fun and create their own. For display, you can place them in the windowsill with small flame-less tea light candles sitting in front. This eliminates the danger of fire and the risk of them getting smashed.

4 ways to celebrate halloween with toddlers

Face Paint Fun

Materials needed:

  • Non-toxic, washable face paint

Every kid loves getting their face painted! Check out this post for 30 easy, toddler-friendly face paint ideas! Simplicity is key here as we all know it’s probably going to get smeared exactly .5 seconds after you finish applying it (that is if your kiddo can sit long enough to even get that far!).

4 ways to celebrate halloween with toddlers

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Materials Needed:

  • Dollar store Halloween props or decorations or candy (easy on the sugar for their little teeth!)

The key here is to make these items challenging for the little ones to find, but totally within their skill range. You can find small things like spider rings, fabric ghosts, plastic pumpkins, etc for pretty cheap at the dollar store. You could also take it outside and walk around the neighborhood with them during the day time and have them look for specific decorations in people’s yards. This way they can have their Halloween fun when it’s still light out and there’s not much fear of them getting scared by older kids.

4 ways to celebrate halloween with toddlers

Go to a Local Trick-or-Treat Street

Materials Needed:

  • costume for little one (and yourself if you feel like participating)

These are usually hosted by local high schools or churches. They involve kid friendly “haunted houses” which is usually just the high school kids dressed up in non-scary costumes handing out candy in a themed hallway, games, and dancing/silliness. It’s a great and safe way to take out your toddler and let them experience a toned down version of actual trick-or-treating without the trauma of a zombie jumping out at them or a scarecrow coming to life!

Best of luck to you and your little ones this Halloween season! Have fun and be safe!

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Poe is definitely my favorite. I’ve got a thing for macabre and melancholy things (probably why I like Halloween so much).

Trick or treating with toddlers can be fun and a struggle. Patience is definitely a must and I would get out as early as possible. You had some fun tips. Everyone loves a good face paint. I never dressed up but have considered it more as my kids have gotten older.

little kids LOVE scavenger hunts! It’s so adorable to watch their little faces light up when the find what they’ve been looking for!

I can’t wait until our baby is old enough to have Halloween fun because my youngest in now 10 and is “too cool” for some of the fun activities.


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